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What is Urge Surfing || Benefits of Urge Surfing || How to do Urge Surfing || How to practice Urge Surfing || Urge Surfing Meditation || Urge Surfing Worksheet

A man urge surfing his desires, urges and cravings by practicing urge surfing meditation

Have you ever dreamt of unlimited willpower, the ability to do anything when you want to? Imagine possessing the mental strength to resist every distraction, delay gratification, and pursue your goals with unrelenting determination. It’s a tempting thought, isn’t it? While unlimited willpower might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, there is a technique that can help you harness the power of your mind and gain better control over your impulses and desires. This technique is called urge surfing.

What is Urge Surfing?

Urge Surfing is a mindfulness technique, approved by science, and used in dialectrical benefit therapy to help you manage your cravings and urges. It helps an individual become more disciplined and focused. Urge Surfing helps a person in getting free from bad habits and impulses.

Benefits of Urge Surfing:

1. Cultivated mindfulness

When you practice urge surfing, you are directly or indirectly practicing mindfulness, since you are focusing on your emotions and feelings making them happier in a way. Urge surfing helps individuals navigate intense emotions by observing them without judgment. This practice fosters emotional regulation, allowing individuals to respond more thoughtfully and less reactively to challenging situations.

2. Foster awareness

When you start practicing urge surfing you foster awareness of your mental urges and cravings. As a result, you become more aware of the triggers of your bad habits and how to handle your bad habits. In a way, urge surfing increases the willpower of an individual, resulting in greater success.

3. Makes you mentally and emotionally stronger

Well, urge surfing is a tool used for fighting bad habits and addiction, so of course it’s making you mentally and emotionally stronger. When you practice urge surfing, you grow mentally, as you learn not to react to your cravings,

4. Helps in changing bad habits

Urge surfing is a great tool to curb your bad habits, especially addiction. It is extensively used in dielectric behavioral therapy by therapists because it is a great tool for developing self-control and discipline. Urge surfing can be a life-changing tool for personal growth as it will help you in ever-lasting keystone habits.

How to do Urge Surfing:

If there is one sentence to define what urge surfing is then it is “Let the urge be”.

step #1. Don’t try to fight, remove, or avoid your urge.

Step #2: Just observe your urge and feel what your body is feeling, what type of emotions and sensations you are feeling.

Step#3: Don’t try to judge your urge, accept it for who it is, whether it’s good or bad

Step#4: With experience, you will start to notice that first a craving appears, then it peaks and then after some time it falls and then it totally disappears

Congo, now you know how to do urge surfing. But urge surfing is a skill that the more you practice, the better you become.

how to practice urge surfing:

Urge Surfing is a skill, and like every skill it gets better with practice, the more you practice it the better you become in handling your internal craving. Also, I have chosen 2 minutes as urge surfing time in the examples below, you can extend it to 5, 10, or even 30 minutes if you like, especially if you feel your urge is very strong, like in the case of some chain smoker or drug addict. So this is how you practice urge surfing.

here are some examples:

1. For Foodies

  1. Sat on the place and accompany yourself with the stuff that you usually have while eating, after you are all set, wait for 2 minutes, and observe your emotions, feelings, and cravings. like, for example, I Eat junk food while watching YouTube on my laptop,
  2. Open your packet or unwrap your food, then wait for two minutes and observe your cravings and urges.
  3. Smell your food wait for two minutes, and do urge surfing our goal is to learn to urge surfing as much as we can.
  4. Repeat till you believe you can handle your food cravings.

2. Those who want to leave porn

  1. Go to the place where you watch porn and wait for 2 mins, observe your emotions, sensations, and cravings.
  2. Now open your phone and wait for 2 minutes, observe your cravings, and do urge surfing.
  3. Now open your browser and wait for 2 minutes, feel your cravings, and surf through them.
  4. Now open the Incognito Tab and wait for 2 minutes, feel your urges and cravings, and observe them without judgment
  5. Now open your favorite website and wait for 2 minutes, do urge surfing.

3. For smokers

  1. open your box and wait for 2 minutes, watch your emotions, sensations, and cravings, basically just do urge surfing
  2. Grab CIgarrette and wait for 2 mins, watch your emotions, sensations, and cravings, and do urge surfing.
  3. Put CIgarrette in your mouth for 2 mins, and do urge surfing
  4. Turn on the lighter and do urge surfing

4. For Social Media addicts

  1. Open your phone and wait for 2 minutes, feel your cravings and urges
  2. Open the app on which you want to practice and wait for 2 minutes, to observe your mental attitude, sensations, and feelings closely
  3. Scroll once, if it is a video then pause it, wait for 2 minutes, and do urge surfing.
  4. repeat till you can handle your cravings.

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Urge Surfing Meditation

Sit down in a comfortable position either crossed legs or on a chair depending on your preference. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed.

Take a few deep breaths to focus on your present moment.

Notice any urge arising in your body like to scratch an itch, or to check out your phone or if you are having no urges at the present moment then turn off the fan/cooler/Air conditioner in summer and turn on the fan/cooler/Air conditioner in winter.

And now observe your urge be it to check your phone, or to turn on the fan, or to scratch your chin.

Just observe it, experience what your mind is feeling, what is your mental attitude and thought pattern, and what sensations are you feeling.

Just keep on observing without judgment but with enthusiasm, and after a while the urge will go away on its own.

If you want to do some guided urge surfing meditation, then here are some recommendations, hope you like it ✌️.

1. Urge Surfing Meditation

2. Urge Surfing Training

3. Urge Surfing 20-minute Meditation

Urge Surfing Worksheet

The Last Word

Urge Surfing is a skill which when learned correctly can help you achieve your goals. I is a beneficiary practice helps in improving an individual from top to bottoms. Urge surfing may be tough to learn for some beginners but it’s worth the effort coz the individual learns how to deal with its urges and stop being a slave to them, and control his or her craving according to the choices he want to make with his life.

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