Naan vs roti bread: Calories, Proteins and nutrients


On average a medium-sized roti contains around on an average 120 calories.

On average a medium-sized naan bread contains around 262 calories.

Therefore, if you are comparing roti has 120 and naan has 262, if you are on a diet, roti is your go-to.


A medium-sized roti on average contains around 3g of proteins.

An average naan bread contains around 9g of proteins in it.

So, naan bread has more proteins in it compared to roti, i.e., naan has 9g of proteins and roti has 3g of it.


On average a medium-sized roti has 15g of carbohydrates in it.

On average normal naan bread contains around 45g of carbohydrates in it.

so, if you are looking for an option that has more carbs, then choose naan. It has 45g of carbohydrates and roti has just 15g of proteins.


Here are some of the nutrients that are in roti:

  1. Calcium – 8mg
  2. Potassium – 96mg
  3. Sodium – 195mg
  4. iron – 1.2mg
  5. Dietary fibres – 2.8g
  6. Cholesterol – 0mg

Here are some of the nutrients that are in naan:

  1. Calcium – 91
  2. Potassium – 170mg
  3. Sodium – 418mg
  4. iron – 2.88mg
  5. Dietary fibres – 2g
  6. Cholesterol – 5mg

Which is Better?

In terms of health impact, roti is generally considered healthier due to its whole grain content and lower calorie count. It’s also preferred for those looking to increase their fiber intake3. Naan, while richer in certain nutrients, may be higher in calories and sodium, which might be a consideration for those monitoring their caloric or sodium intake1.

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