top 10 verses of krsna

KR$NA, the renowned Indian hip-hop artist, has captivated audiences with his lyrical prowess and unique style. In this blog, we delve into his top eight verses, each showcasing his exceptional talent and ability to craft engaging narratives. From introspective tracks to hard-hitting bangers, KR$NA has left an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene. Join us as we explore these verses and appreciate the depth and artistry behind his music.


10. Crossroads

In “Crossroads,” KR$NA delves into the complexities of life choices and the consequences they entail. Through introspective verses, he reflects on the paths he’s taken, the hurdles he’s faced, the lessons learned along the way and their consequence . This track serves as a reminder that life is a continuous journey filled with crossroads, where one’s decisions shape their destiny. Later he commented on the status of Kashmir and how it shaped him as a personality. And on top of it, his deliberate use of female names “CHEF KISS”.

9. Boht Sahi

“Boht Sahi” showcases KR$NA’s ability to create hard-hitting tracks with socially relevant messages. Through his sharp wordplay and gripping delivery, he addresses the challenges of modern society, including the pursuit of material wealth and the impact of social media. This verse encapsulates the struggle for authenticity and self-identity in a world driven by external validation. With some political commentery, some  subliminals and some vocab flexing we get the dollor sign we ought to listen to.

8. Batman

“Batman” is an anthem that celebrates KR$NA’s journey and success in the music industry. This verse is a testament to his resilience, ambition, and unwavering self-belief. With captivating wordplay and a memorable hook, KR$NA solidifies his position as a force to be reckoned with in the Indian hip-hop scene.

7. Tony Montana

“Tony Montana” is a collaboration between KR$NA and Karma. And this verse, what the hell is the rhyme scheme on this 


Ek aadh maare jo, bekar gaane gaare
Baal betaal wale, banna chhahte kyo hooligan

Ye maar khare fir bhaal chah rahe
Dekh bhedchal saale par raaste nahi bhule hum
Slowly bol KR$NA bhi don jaise corleone

6. Baap Se

In “Baap se,” KR$NA delivers a powerful verse filled with biting social commentary. Addressing issues of privilege and nepotism, he challenges the notion of entitlement and urges listeners to carve their own path. This verse is a scathing critique of societal inequalities and a call for individual empowerment.

5. Overdrive

“Overdrive” is a standout track that embodies KR$NA’s signature style. With a hard-hitting beat and aggressive delivery, he showcases his lyrical dexterity and passion for the craft. This verse serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to hip-hop and his commitment to pushing boundaries.

4. On

In “On,” KR$NA unleashes his lyrical prowess with rapid-fire rhymes and an infectious energy. This verse showcases his impeccable flow and wordplay, leaving listeners in awe of his technical skills. With confident swagger and a relentless drive, KR$NA asserts his position in the rap game and demands attention.

3. Zaruri Nahi

“Zaruri Nahi” is a hard-hitting track that addresses societal norms and challenges listeners to question the status quo. KR$NA’s fiery delivery and thought-provoking lyrics compel us to reevaluate our beliefs and challenge the prevailing narratives. This verse highlights his ability to blend social commentary with compelling storytelling.


2. Playground

“Playground” showcases KR$NA’s versatility as an artist. With a melodic flow and clever wordplay, he paints vivid imagery of his journey in the music industry and the obstacles he’s overcome. This verse exudes confidence and determination, inspiring listeners to chase their dreams and conquer any hurdles that come their way.

1. Quarantine

In the midst of the global pandemic, KR$NA released “Quarantine,” a track that encapsulates the emotions and challenges faced during lockdown. With razor-sharp wordplay and introspective lines, KR$NA reflects on isolation, self-reflection, and the resilience needed to overcome adversity. This verse serves as a poignant reminder of the power of music to connect and resonate with listeners during difficult times.

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